At Alternative Dental, we are here to help. We will tackle most of your dental needs: be it General, Pediatric, Cosmetic, Endodontic, Periodontic, Orthodontic, or relating to Oral Surgery.

Dentist, Local General Dentist in Metuchen, NJ

Our services include: Same-Day Emergency Dental Care, Root Canals, Extractions (simple and surgical, including wisdom teeth); Crowns, Crown-Lengthening; Bridges / Zirconia (non-metal) Bridges; Implants, Implant-Supported Restorations (Nobel Biocare, Zimmer, and Implant Direct); Periodontal / Gum Treatments, Orthodontics, Prosthodontics, Teeth-Cleanings, Retainers, X-Rays, and Teeth-Whitenings (no enamel damage; Ultradent, Sapphire, and ZOOM).

Alternative Dental also offers White Fillings (non-amalgam / no mercury), Porcelain Inlays & Onlays; Posterior Composite Dental Fillings, Deep-Cleanings, Teeth-Splinting, Scaling & Root-Planing, Sealants, Fluoride Treatments, Porcelain Laminates, Night Guards, Dexis & Schick Digital Radiographs, Invisalign, and Check-Ups / Consultations.

Other procedures include: Gum Surgery, Gingivectomy; Caries Management, CEREC (Ceramic Reconstruction / Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) of CAD/CAM Dentistry; Lumineers, Veneers (same-day), Dental Bondings; Dentures, Partial Dentures, Overdentures, Denture Corrections; Preventative Dentistry, Sports Dentistry, Oral Surgery, Full-Mouth Rehabilitation, and Oral-Cancer Screenings.

Our office is located on Main Street in downtown Metuchen, where the team has been practicing the art of dentistry since 1998.

We accept most major insurance plans. And, to make it a bit easier for you, we’re basically open 7 days a week (including weekends—Saturdays). And, if God forbid, you or your family have an emergency, our dentists are on call 24 hours a day.

We speak Russian, Romanian, Ukrainian, Spanish, and Polish. To make an appointment—or, if you have any questions at all—please call us at 732-902-2828.

Toothfully yours,

Dr. Susan Krutyansky
New York University





What patients are saying:

"The location is convenient, the staff is nice, and the doctor had good bedside manner. I'll be back."

"She made me feel so relaxed that I actually fell asleep during the treatment!"

"You are the best, the "Picasso" of bonding!"

"She cared about me and not my wallet."
"They will work with your insurance companies and fight for you to receive the best possible care."